International Dublin Literary Award

Awarded annually for a novel written in English or translated into English, with Nominees submitted by public libraries worldwide.

223 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
All the Lives We Never Lived
A Novel
Book - 2018 Atria Books FIC ROY
An American Marriage
A Novel
Book - 2018 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd FIC JON
Disoriental Book - 2018 Europa Editions FIC DJA
Drive your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead Book - 2019 Riverhead Books FIC TOK
History of Violence
A Novel
Book - 2018 Farrar, Straus and Giroux FIC LOU
A Novel
Book - 2018 Graywolf Press FIC BUR
The Friend Book - 2018 Riverhead Books FIC NUN
There There
A Novel
Book - 2018 McClelland & Stewart FIC ORA
The Silence of the Girls Book - 2018 Hamish Hamilton FIC BAR
Washington Black Book - 2018 Patrick Crean Editions FIC EDU
A Boy in Winter
[a Novel]
Book - 2017 Pantheon Books FIC SEI
Compass Book - 2017 New Directions FIC ENA
Conversations With Friends
A Novel
Book - 2017 Hogarth FIC ROO
Exit West
A Novel
Book - 2017 Riverhead Books FIC HAM
History of Wolves
A Novel
Book - 2017 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd FIC FRI
Home Fire Book - 2017 Riverhead Books FIC SHA
A Novel
Book - 2017 Random House FIC RUS
Lincoln in the Bardo
A Novel
Book - 2017 Random House FIC SAU
Midwinter Break Book - 2017 W.W. Norton & Company FIC MACL
Reservoir 13 Book - 2017 4th Estate FIC MCG
Baba Dunja’s Last Love Book
Distant Light Book
Human Acts
A Novel
Book - 2016 Portobello Books FIC HAN
A Novel
Book - 2016 Alfred A. Knopf FIC NDI
My Name Is Lucy Barton
A Novel
Book - 2016 Random House FIC STR
Solar Bones Book - 2017 Soho Press FIC MCC
The Lesser Bohemians Book - 2016 McClelland & Stewart FIC MCB
The Transmigration of Bodies Book
The Unseen Book
The Woman Next Door Book - 2016 Chatto & Windus FIC OMO
A General Theory of Oblivion Book - 2015 Archipelago Books FIC AGU
A Little Life
A Novel
Book - 2015 Doubleday FIC YAN
A Strangeness in My Mind
A Novel
Book - 2015 Alfred A. Knopf FIC PAM
A Whole Life Book - 2015 House of Anansi Press FIC SEE
Confession of the Lioness Book - 2015 Farrar, Straus and Giroux FIC COU
The Green Road Book - 2015 McClelland & Stewart FIC ENR
The Prophets of Eternal Fjord Book - 2015 Liveright Publishing Corporation FIC LEI
The Story of My Teeth Book - 2015 Coffee House Press FIC LUI
The Sympathizer Book - 2015 Grove Press FIC NGU
Under the Udala Trees Book - 2015 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt FIC OKP
A Brief History of Seven Killings Book - 2014 Riverhead Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA) FIC JAM
Academy Street Book - 2015 Farrar, Straus and Giroux FIC COS
Dept. of Speculation Book - 2014 Alfred A. Knopf FIC OFF
Diary of the Fall Book
Family Life
A Novel
Book - 2014 W. W. Norton & Company FIC SHA
Lila Book - 2014 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd FIC ROB
Our Lady of the Nile Book - 2014 Archipelago Books FIC MUK
Outlaws Book
The End of Days Book - 2014 New Directions Books FIC ERP
Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?
A Novel
Book - 2014 Alfred A. Knopf Canada, a division of Random House Canada Limited FIC EGG
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