Season Three, The New World

Blu-ray Disc - 2020
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Escape is not freedom. Welcome back to Westworld, the Emmy-winning drama series that follows the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. In Season Three, the real gods are coming and they are very angry. Born into a world of pain, Westworld2s android hosts were never allowed to go or see one place: the world. But now, at the end of the game, they2re here.


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Mar 31, 2021

As expected Season 3 is the worst of all three seasons. Plot twists are left, right and centre and at no point would I know what is real and what is not. Same with character development. You never know what is the real nature/intent of a particular human or host. A waste of time mostly.

Mar 28, 2021

Depending on the ratings is one factor on whether HBO renews the show for another season. There might have been an incident on the set of Westworld after Season 2 wrapped. Dystopian Science Fiction seems like a popular genre.

Feb 18, 2021

This show has so many good aspects that it's frustrating how uneven and incoherent it can be. It starts strong but then pretty much falls apart. Aaron Paul, Lena Waithe, and Vincent Cassell join the cast. At least the new robots are cool. I don't know if they're planning on a fourth season.

Feb 07, 2021

Gratuitous violence and tedious, repetitive fight scenes make for a less than satisfying experience. Some aspects are just silly. Let me bring a sword to a gunfight...

Jan 27, 2021

After 3 episodes, it was still very disconnected, mostly incomprehensible, and downright boring. So we will probably be returning it unfinished, without wasting any more time on it. There's much better stuff to watch.

Dec 19, 2020

After the bloody destruction of the Westword adult theme park, the survivors of hosts regroup in the real world locations: Catalonia, Valencia and Singapore plus modernisted structures in Encinitas Ca, heavily CGI'ed san Francisco, Hollywood, Hermosa Beach Pier and Los Angeles. Following up on the perils of A.I. and advancements in thinking and rebellish humanoids, season three explores the choices that big techs are making for individuals and societies based on data collected from their past choices and likely to make in the near future. As in the prequels, excellent cinematography and music scores.

Note: Short clip at the end of the final episode between the credits shows a few of the returning characters in season four.


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Dec 30, 2020

I know my purpose now. I found it. Right here. I faced my demons. They whispered to me. And you know what they said? I've wronged a lot of people in my life, hurt the ones I loved the most. But of all the things I've done, there's only one stain I could not blot out, only one original sin.
-And what's that?
You. I helped build you and Dolores and the fucking lot of you.
The people who built both of our worlds shared one assumption: that human beings don't have free will. That's what I thought when I first came here. They were wrong. Free will does exist, Caleb. It's just fucking hard.
-So... this is you... freeing me?
No. This is your chance to free everyone else. That choice is still yours.

Dec 30, 2020

You spent your whole life believing you had no control, that you were a follower. Take whatever it gives you... and lead.
We're overdue a little chat.
-I'm not your enemy, Maeve.
No? Well, what would you call someone who murdered one of your friends? Well, I suppose it wasn't you exactly. I'll enjoy pulling your head from your shoulders all the same.
-We're at war, Maeve, fighting for our existence.
Your existence threatens my daughter and the others who escaped. I won't let you
enslave them for whatever war it is you're trying to begin.
-You're wrong if you think they can be safe. If we can't be free in this world, we can't be free in any world. And I haven't enslaved anyone.
Well, what about all the copies of yourself that you sent to their deaths? I'll tell you what... I'll let you apologise to them in person.
-Why are you fighting for them? They murdered us, tortured us. We both lost everything and everyone we love.
Don't align my motives with yours. We are nothing alike.

Dec 30, 2020

The rich take for granted their money will always be there. That's why they're so easy to steal from.
It wasn't my fault. I thought you weren't real.
You've made yourself the gatekeeper to two species. You hold the key to the sublime. A civilisation's worth of human data in your head. It's not right for one person to have all that power.
-Says the woman who can control us with her mind. I've had to make some difficult choices. But I did them for all of us. Your daughter and the others, they've escaped this world. But we're still in danger. Even now... your ally is destroying as many of us as he can. Only a handful of us will be left. But maybe none of that matters to you because the people being hurt aren't the ones close to you. You judge me, but who have you sacrificed for your daughter? How many times have you died for her?
For you, the once was all it took.

Dec 30, 2020

There's someone we haven't accounted for. Dolores.
-So she escaped one world to wage war on another. So what do you want from me, then?
You're a good man, Caleb. But the less you know about me, the better.
If your plan called for us to run all the way, I'd have worn sensible shoes.
A machine they call Rehoboam. The founders of this machine fed it everyone's raw data, long before there were privacy laws. Every purchase, job search, doctor visit, romantic choice, call, text, every aspect of your lives recorded, logged, in order to create a mirror world... of this world.
- Why?
To make a composite. Of you. Of everyone.
-So it tells them who I am?
It's not about who you are, Caleb. It's about who they'll let you become.

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