Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy

A Father's Journey Through His Son's Meth Addiction

Book - 2006
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What had happened to my beautiful boy? To our family?What did I do wrong? Those are the wrenching questions that haunted every moment of David Sheff 's journey through his son Nic's addiction to drugs and tentative steps toward recovery. Before Nic Sheff became addicted to crystal meth, he was a charming boy, joyous and funny, a varsity athlete and honor student adored by his two younger siblings. After meth, he was a trembling wraith who lied, stole, and lived on the streets.David Sheff traces the first subtle warning signs: the denial, the 3 A.M. phone calls (is it Nic? the police? the hospital?), the rehabs.His preoccupation with Nic became an addiction in itself, and the obsessive worry and stress took a tremendous toll. But as a journalist, he instinctively researched every avenue of treatment that might save his son and refused to give up on Nic.
Beautiful Boy is a fiercely candid memoir that brings immediacy to the emotional rollercoaster of loving a child who seems beyond help.
Publisher: Boston, MA : Houghton Mifflin, 2006.
ISBN: 9780618683352
Characteristics: 326 pages ; 22 cm


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ArapahoeSam Jul 19, 2019

Heartbreaking story that any parent can possibly face. This story chronicles the overwhelming and inspiring experience of survival, relapse, and recovery in a family coping with addiction. The film adaptation was nominated for several awards. Steve Carell as father, David Sheff, and Timothée Chalamet as son Nic Sheff do an excellent portrayal of the father/son relationship. Must watch film for any parent in my books.

StephanieOne Apr 04, 2019

I read "Tweaked" and "All Fall Down" by Nic Sheff before I read this. Know his son's story, everything he went through, and how his son saw his family's struggle gave me a different perspective to this book. There were times in this book I was able to recall what Nic had written about that time in his life, and sort of fill in the blanks. Seeing the fear and despair David Sheff was going through, and knowing exactly that his son was doing at that time (when he had no clue) made everything seem so much more real. For example, knowing details of Nic's relationship with Z and everything he went through, reading about how David turned to Z to find Nic and try to help him was heartbreaking.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

CarleeMcDot Mar 13, 2019

The hubby and I have Amazon Prime, and when I logged in a few days ago it suggested that we watch Beautiful Boy. When I read the synopsis I found out it was based on a book, and since we all know the books are ALWAYS better, I grabbed it from the library so I could read it before we watched the film. This is a story about a father's experience with his son's addiction to meth. As I'm sure you can imagine, the story is heartbreaking. Not only for Nic, the son with the addiction, but for the family as well. David, the father, does a great job describing the situation and what he was feeling through the entire journey. This is a real and raw look at the effects addiction can have on all parties involved. Unfortunately I am no stranger to addiction, although I am lucky to have those with the disease currently on the straight and narrow. I can't even imagine how it would feel to have your child addicted (and to meth nonetheless), my heart goes out to this family and all the others dealing with this hell. I much appreciate the new afterword that has been included with David's thoughts on how we as a society could be doing better to help those addicted (and their families). I absolutely agree that our healthcare system is not set up to handle addiction adequately. It is a disease that does not discriminate based on economic class, gender, race, etc - so it is in everyone's best interest to focus on treatments and solutions. I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Mar 12, 2019

This book is the story of a family's relentless fight against the drug addiction of their oldest son. The affects of Nic's addiction on his family, his young brother and sister, his parents, step-parents and grandparents is heartbreaking. Relapse after relapse and a constant return to rehab. The stress of never knowing what the next ring of the telephone will bring. The phenomenal financial cost of rehabilitation all put huge stress on the family. This is an important book for everyone to read. Addiction is a disease and it could affect anyone.

Sep 14, 2018

I couldn't put it down! It's such a heartbreaking story, many parents face. His telling of the events of his son's self-destruction and a families hope was amazing. I can't imagine what it would be like to have this happen to your family, definitely makes me feel for all those battling addiction and their families trying to cope. I am interested in reading his son's book, Tweak, in the near future. Hope all is well with his family.

Nov 29, 2012

Another winner. This is really the father's take on his son's destruction. If you read Tweak this will add to your experience. It will also do so much more. If you are the parent of an alcoholic or an addict you will gain significant insight for reading this book. I believe it is a gem and have read nothing like it. I would recommend it to any parent, spouse, partner, sibling with an addict in the family. You didn't cause it, You can't control it, You can't cure it, The three C's of Al-Anon. Addiction is Chronic, Progressive, Terminal. And a quote from the book. "Addicts persist in their self destructive behavior until something within themselves- something quite apart from anyone else's efforts-changes so radically that the desire for the high is dulled and deadened by the desire for a better life". It's a brave book and in the end Sheff suggests that more money be spent on rehabilitation and treatment of addicts. Glad I read this book!

snowbird922 Aug 01, 2011

Disappointment although I know the writer is an intelligent man this book that should have been so personal lacked feeling for me as a parent. He also skipped over many details about his sons’ addiction. There were times that I did cry but those occasions were far and few between and most of the time it read like a text book. I have had addiction in my family and the book just left me lacking feeling

Jul 23, 2011

What an amazing story--if you've dealt with addiction in your life on any level with any person that you love, you will feel for this father. I couldn't put it down.

Mar 29, 2011

Loved it! Read this first and then his son's story Tweak second. Great read!

Feb 01, 2011

Another awesome story about a parent that will sacrifice everything to save his child!!

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