Flowery praise, NO SPOILERS!

This is a fantastic and favorite adventure series I highly recommend! The delicious plot twists in the series are so divine, you will be shocked and delighted. And they only get better with the next two installments! The main protagonist is so clever, funny and engaging, you will jump right from “The Thief” to “The Queen of Attolia,” and be so gobsmacked you won’t be able to help taking up “The King of Attolia” in a hot second after closing the last. And if you are a fan of audiobooks, you must take in the intoxicating, sultry voice of Steve West! I can’t hear Gen’s words in any other, and would not want to.

The final book in the series is set to release this month. I can only hope it recaptures the intrigue and thrill of the first three.

But, there is a fourth book you say?? Yes. “Thick as Thieves”. While also quite good, it’s not about our beloved characters from the other books, but focuses solely on a side character and a journey of his. So for me it was a letdown. Still worthwhile, but know it’s not like the others, but a side story.

Friends, you can thank me later.

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