Hey! I'm your fella, Cinderella!

Believe it, or not, I was ("once-upon-a-time"), very much, madly in love with the Cinderella character in this excellent, animated motion picture. Yep. That's right. When I was just a very small tyke the sweet, singing Cinderella was one of my many-many movie-girlfriends.

With grace and charm, Cinderella beautifully spins this traditional story, delightfully adding some comic embellishments to the overall storyline, which include a couple of very cute, little mice named Gus and Jaq who befriend our poor, put-upon heroine.

In my very biased opinion, Cinderella (the movie) is, without question, one of Disney Studios' most enchanting and spellbinding, animated fairy tales of all. Cinderella is a timeless classic that, once it weaves its magic, is sure to live on in your heart forever.... Tra-la-la-la-la.

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