Starlight An Unfinished Novel By Wagamese, Richard Book - 2018

What a gift this last book was. I was unsure about starting a book that I knew wasn't entirely finished but Wagamese's earlier titles had been such food for the soul and he said this was his best book yet. I had to read it! And yes, even without a fully fleshed out ending (there are some explanations and the closing from an earlier novella that was the seed for the book) it was still very much food for this soul.

Few writer's have Richard's gift for transporting readers to another place and time in such a deep way but with this book he did it again. As I savoured the pages I felt like I was living in another place and time, becoming one with the land.

I really felt Richard's presence on the paper. Having heard him speak I knew he was grounded and one with the land but in this book he goes even deeper. I felt like I was part of that too.

Yes, at the very end it is unfinished but that may be just what this book needed in these difficult times; for us to do the work of figuring out how to find that place where love conquers evil.

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