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Heroines Of A Galaxy Far, Far Away

"The Star Wars Galaxy has always been full of powerful, inspirational women. From Ahsoka Tano and Padmé Amidala to Rey Skywalker and Rose Tico, these stories span the saga."
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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

"March 20th is Won't You Be My Neighbor Day! A day to celebrate Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Here are some books to teach kids that it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood when we all are kind to each other!"
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"Probably one of the most thorough and succinct explanations of how DNA works I've seen that's targeted at children. Starting with simple statements that most young children can understand, the story builds on various comparisons and associations ..." Permalink
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"An adorably rustic picture book featuring a little field mouse who loves to play in the Winter snow. Fully of cheesy, cheese-based puns and a concept all to familiar to kids and adults alike--trying to share an interest with friends--it's no wond..." Permalink
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