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Jul 15, 2018Monica_Diana_Czekirda rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I have this movie my costin's mom gave me this movie in 2008 and at frist i thought i won't like this movie once i got it i said to myslef i don't think i will like this movie but later my costin has put this movie on her computer she had her own copy but she used my dvd i am not sure why she wanted to watch my copy but we watched it and once i watchedi t at her house my copy i didn't wtach that movie in a longtime but after watching it on dvd the 2ed time i liked it and it was in 2009 just like sisterhood of the traveing pants i got it for christmas aswell from my ant in 2010 i looked at the dvd i did think i will like it so i did not watch it in a very longtime time and finally i watched it and i like it andi have the movie Resavation thta dvd i got in 2013 and i still had not watched it my brother got from my ant 17 Again but i told her we have it we bought it at Wal-Mart in 2006 i got from my ant A Cinderella Story but it is not the one with Hilary Duff if you guys are thinking of thta movie it is a old kind of movie andi thought it i s new but wtcahing it i seen that it is old nad i looked at the dvd it said 2005 but thye made it looke like the old time cinderella and my brother got HomeAlone 3 these movies she gave me i never seen them before or heard them in 2004 for my brithday sh e gave me princess Diries 2 Royal Engament wheni got it for my brithday i looked at it i thought to myslef i am not going to liethis movie but watching it for the frist time the next day i loved it evan thought i had not seeen the frist one untill i barrowed it from my costion my costion has teh frist on e on vhs and the 2ed one ondvd and later in 2006 i went to Wal-Martand i went to see if i will find the frist dvd of Princess diaris but i really didn;'t think i will find it but i did and it was the only copy and i still ahve the movie nad all the movies she gave me in 2004 she gave mt for my birthday Mickei's sweet heart stories this movie is about a girl who is about to marry but she doesn't know who her father is so she invites the three men her mother dated to her wedding