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Aug 01, 2019GreenDog2006 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I love first contact stories that shake up our beliefs, and this one does that in spades! Current science tells us how trees communicate and send chemical signals to each other, so it doesn't seem impossible that they should find a way to communicate with humans, and even to shape their behavior: did we decide to protect plants that make fruit we like, or did they make fruit we like to get us to protect them? In the words of another reviewer here, who trained who? And that's just the beginning: the book explores how societies succeed or fail over time, what makes a good leader, and lots of other fascinating ideas. I was delighted to learn that Burke has a sequel coming out in the fall called Interference, and I promptly submitted a purchase suggestion to KCLS. Burke is not going to stretch this into yet another bloated trilogy (thank goodness), and Semiosis doesn't end with any awkward cliff-hangers, but the evolving circumstances have definitely left me wanting more.