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Apr 03, 2020TheyBeDax rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
My heart is broken. This book takes place during the height of AIDS denial in New York. Many are dying but especially gay men (of color) are dying left and right while folks either ignore, deny, or relish in their belief that that's just what "fags" deserve. The fear and the love in this book is so palpable I found myself laughing out loud, sobbing, and mentally bargaining with the author to please just deny history and make this a "happily ever after" book. We are living in an era where we have seem so much change and so much for better that it's all the more heartbreaking to see it sliding back. To know how many have died, suffered, been persecuted all in the name of love and continue to do so, is the most heartbreaking history of all. We are seeing a growing tide of hate, whether it's the shooting at Pulse Nightclub, or the massively rising list of murdered black transgender women everyday. It's hard to feel hopeful, but if this book can show you anything it's that we're stronger together and we will prevail TOGETHER. "You are not alone, you never will be, because you have a constantly evolving history full of ghosts who are watching over you, who are proud of you."