Aug 10, 2020janerf rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
Loved the parts about abolition and fighting to free the slaves. Loved the parts about war and how hateful it is. The talk of war was always about his grandfather. I guess John Ames b. 1880 was too old even for the WW1 draft, and so missed the drafts of WWII and Korean Wars as well. Wish he would have talked about the wars of his lifetime. A lot of theological and philosophical rambling, like the difference between existence and being. Like, ...., so ....?!? Why do non Catholics continually get their undies in a bundle about transubstantiation...? Catholics don’t like much care. Spoken as an ardent Catholic and educated at a Jesuit university (jebbies are awesome...). FINALLY the last few chapters get into what’s happening in the people’s lives...!!! Sheesh... The author published this book in 2004, She wrote this book before 2004. She wrote this book before 2020 and the corona virus pandemic.. The author writes about the ‘Spanish’ flu of 2014-2015 - saying that the preacher spoke from his pulpit with a scarf wrapping his head for a year, and people sat way apart from each other.. Yeah, 100 years ago, they wore masks.