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May 14, 2021TEENREVIEWBOARD rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Our protagonist, Bud, is enrolled in a space academy for aliens by accident, and worst of all, their entire society lives in constant fear of ‘earthlings’, also known as humans such as Bud. The story that occurs next is one of the best and most reread able of any graphic novel I have read. It is quite short and a fast read, since it is a graphics novel but it manages to use its short length to great affect, as it is very well paced, with an emotional climax and great ending. The storyline within the school academy is relatable to Harry Potter, as our protagonist meets friends which help him understand the confusing world that he was thrown into. There even is a school sport involving zero gravity, which is similar in a sense to Quidditch. If you enjoyed this type of magical or sci-fi school story, you would like this. The one criticism for this book is its simplicity. It is meant for younger audiences and could be predictable at times, along with the fact that it lacks a deeper meaning, but to me, it is made up by the other aspects. 4.5/5-@Platypus of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board