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The rich take for granted their money will always be there. That's why they're so easy to steal from. === It wasn't my fault. I thought you weren't real. === You've made yourself the gatekeeper to two species. You hold the key to the sublime. A civilisation's worth of human data in your head. It's not right for one person to have all that power. -Says the woman who can control us with her mind. I've had to make some difficult choices. But I did them for all of us. Your daughter and the others, they've escaped this world. But we're still in danger. Even now... your ally is destroying as many of us as he can. Only a handful of us will be left. But maybe none of that matters to you because the people being hurt aren't the ones close to you. You judge me, but who have you sacrificed for your daughter? How many times have you died for her? For you, the once was all it took.