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Did not find any quote in IMDb yet. Here is a few: Thought it wasn't a date. - It wasn't and it isn't. Thought you said he was just another smooth-talking brother. You're going to an awful lot of trouble for just another smooth-talker. === Hi, Bar. Aren't you supposed to be on your date? -I've got a few minutes before I need to leave. You're not checking up on me now, are you, too? Well, maybe I am, but it's a grandmother's God-given right. You have a bad habit of being late. And if you're late to the first date, I can promise you there won't be a second. -I won't be late. But I appreciate it. How's Gramps? "How's Gramps?" He's Gramps! === It's not a date, Daddy. He's a summer associate I told y'all about, the one from Harvard Law. I mentioned I worked legal aid and he invited me to a community event at the Gardens.